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New York’s Revised UCC – Winds of Change (Part 1 of 2)

New York is the jurisdiction of choice for a majority of international and interstate financial transactions. Thus, lending lawyers and their clients should pay special attention to Chapter 505 of the New York Assembly Session Laws of 2014 (the “Act”), which amends the Uniform Commercial Code of the State of New York (the “NYUCC”). Over … Continue Reading

Alternative Investment Vehicles & Subscription Facilities: A look at Protecting Lenders’ Collateral

Private funds often seek subscription facilities for short term bridging of capital calls in order to, among other things, avoid the need to call capital in advance of closing an investment and backstop late capital call proceeds from the fund’s limited partners.  As collateral, lenders providing such facilities receive a security interest in investors’ capital … Continue Reading

What Happens to Your Collateral During a Bankruptcy?

This post was also written by Michael J. Venditto. Lenders and their attorneys are conditioned to believe that being over-secured is as good as life gets for a creditor.  Lenders want to secure repayment with collateral that is valuable and liquid, while their attorneys ensure that the security interest is properly perfected.  But, post-closing confidence … Continue Reading

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose? Bitcoin as Collateral is Not a Good Bet

For lending lawyers and commercial lenders who have been wondering what the recent fuss over “Bitcoin” is all about, and what, if any, value Bitcoin has as collateral, today is the day you’ll get your answer. Bitcoin is an online medium of exchange which permits buyers and sellers to interact anonymously to facilitate instantaneous payments … Continue Reading

Commercial Tort Claims as Collateral

For those of you who have always wondered what a “commercial tort claim” is, and what to do when you have one, today’s the day you’ll get your answer. A commercial tort claim might arise when a corporate borrower has a claim that it can make against someone else for harm it has suffered.  For example, let’s … Continue Reading

Anti-Assignment Provisions, Part Two – Legal Overrides

Following up on our last post, this time we'll take a look at the effect of the UCC on anti-assignment provisions in contracts. For example, if a license contains terms prohibiting assignment (and effectively prohibiting a lender from taking a security interest in the license), the UCC may override this prohibition and allow the lender to take and enforce a security interest in at least the right to receive payments under the license, if not more. This is good news for lenders. Read on to find out more.… Continue Reading

License Agreements as Collateral – Anti-Assignment Provisions and What to do About Them

In today's post we'll discuss a common issue that comes up in secured deals: anti-assignment restrictions on collateral. Let's start with a basic example: Our company is a licensee of a valuable software license that is integrated into its products that would not work without it. The licensor naturally wanted to control who held the license, so it prohibited any assignment of the license without the licensor's consent. Our company is borrowing money from a bank that wants to take a blanket security interest in all of the company's assets as a condition to the loan.… Continue Reading

Can We Credit Bid Or Not?

Credit bidding has become a really hot issue recently.   For those of us who don’t normally work on bankruptcy matters, the right to credit bid is an important right that secured lenders usually have in a bankruptcy proceeding.  If you’re the senior secured lender and you want to buy the company’s assets in a bankruptcy sale, you can show up at the … Continue Reading

Second Liens Really are Second

With the increase in corporate bankruptcy filings over the past year, there have been some interesting bankruptcy court decisions that affect those of us on the front end in corporate lending. One recent case took up the question of whether a second lien is truly second -- and whether it is safe to expect the terms of your intercreditor agreement to be enforced.… Continue Reading

How to Avoid Lender Liability – Part 1

Back in the 80's and early 90's, there was a flurry of "lender liability" lawsuits, with lenders being sued when they exercised remedies after a default on a loan. By the mid 90's, these lawsuits appeared to have gone the way of the dinosaur -- but now they're back. What can you do to protect yourself against lender liability claims?… Continue Reading